Congratulations to the Following Renaissance Family Practice Doctors who will be featured in Pittsburgh magazine as 2015 “Best Doctors!” We are proud to have such representation on this list!

Vincent Balestrino, MD

Richard Bruehlman, MD

Colleen Ebbert, MD

Eric Frankel, MD

Sarah Gilmour, MD

Michael Govi, MD

Barbara Kevish, MD

John Lagnese, MD

Daniel Monahan, MD

Ted Schaffer, MD

Kathleen Werner, MD




Renaissance Family Practice is happy to welcome our new Doctor of Nursing Practice, Christa Cerra!

Dr. Cerra obtained a Doctorate in Nursing Practice in the field of Family Medicine from the University of Minnesota and has been participating research and development on innovative new ways to practice medicine to communities.
Dr. Cerra will be working with all the offices of RFP to help better manage complicated medical situations, smooth transitions from the hospital back home, and patients that are critically ill. Dr. Cerra has a unique training and is highly qualified to care for all sick patients in the hospital or at home and we hope to utilize her talents to keep our patients from requiring hospital stays. Dr. Cerra will also be seeing patients in each of the offices in addition.






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