New Patients and Forms


Welcome to the Family

We are always welcoming new patients with minimal waiting for your first appointment or follow-up appointments. We boast flexible patient centered scheduling and extended hours to make sure you can get an appointment when needed.

With our evening and weekend availability and excellent on-call support, we strive to serve our patients so there is little need for costly Urgent Cares or long Emergency Room waits for routine illness and injuries.

This page contains information that may help you for your first visit at the office. Any of these forms may be printed at home and brought in to the office by the patient personally.

Accepted insurances:

All insurances are currently accepted at any of our offices EXCEPT:

• Community Blue

• Coventry Cares

Patients having either of the two of these plans are not currently eligible to be seen at our offices even without using their insurance.

We do accept all forms of Medicare and Medicaid and will continue to take all forms of these government programs indefinitely.

For your first day:

• Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

• Please have all new patient forms (below) printed, completed, and brought with you to the appointment.

• Any patient arriving 10 minutes after their scheduled appointment time will be asked to reschedule or wait until the end of the day, as to not make others wait that were on time.

• Please bring your insurance card and have your Primary Care Provider changed to one of the physicians at the location of your appointment prior to arrival.

Looking for a doctor for your newborn to be?

Prenatal visits (also called Meet and Greets) for expectant parents are available upon request for no charge.

New Patient Forms

There is no obligation, although if you would like to print and pre-complete one of the attached forms, these are the forms that will be requested from you for the first appointment.

Record Release Form (Click to Print Form)

It is extremely helpful for the providers to review your medical information prior to your visit. Please print this form and give a filled out copy to any of your previous primary care doctors and specialists. Keep in mind, most offices use copy services that come at scheduled intervals, so it may take 2 months to get any previous records.

New Patient Form (Click to Print Form)

Please fill this out as best you can to give us an overview of your health history. This is required for your first visit. If you do not have this, we will supply it at the appointment.

HIPPA Form (Click to Print Form)

Due to the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, we may only discuss patient information of any sort with the patient themselves once over the age of 18 (with few exceptions under the age of 18). If you would like us to share your medical information or leave detailed messages with a loved one, spouse, sibling, personal representative, please fill out this form and return it to us. If you do not fill out one of these forms, we will not be able to speak to loved ones, even spouses about medical conditions or elaborate other than asking that the patient themselves call us back.

Consent for treatment form (Click to Print Form)

This form is a universal form that needs to be filled out by patients being seen at UPMC facilities.

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Transition Policy

Adolesents are encourged to take control of their own health through their teenage years. Please see our Transition Policy for details.

No Show Policy:

We do value your time as well as the time of our Practitioners. We ask that any cancellations be done greater than 24 hours in advance of the visit. While we recognize that sometimes people do run late, we expect this to be an exception and not a recurring problem. Patients that do not keep scheduled appointments or cancel within 2 hours of their appointment on 4 separate occasions may be asked to find a new doctor that may better suit your needs.