Preventative Care


All of our practitioners are trained in effective preventative care and follow current evidence and nationally recognized guidelines to provide exceptional medical care to our patients. Much of this is derived from the United States Preventative Services Task Force and the CDC so appropriate screening tests are always recommended based on risk factors.

Pediatrics to Geriatrics


All of our doctors are comfortable seeing infants, children, adults, and the elderly. Some of our providers even have special certifications in Pediatrics and Geriatrics! It is often beneficial for patient care for our skilled doctors to take care of 3-4 generations of a family and we are thrilled when this happens!

In-office Procedures


Each provider is capable of performing multiple different procedures such as joint injections, dermatology procedures, and gynecological exams. These are routinely done as standard office visits. See each physician’s page for a full list of the services they confidently provide.

In-office X-Ray


The Glenshaw division is one of the few offices in Southwest Pennsylvania that offers Digital X-ray services on-site. These are often performed as part of office visits if indicated and sometimes are scheduled as separate appointments. There are two highly trained X-ray technicians that perform the x-rays and they are read by our physicians immediately. Since the films are digital, they are easily viewed from other locations or by any UPMC-associated physician.

• 11 of our doctors were selected as “Best Doctors” by Pittsburgh Magazine in 2015.

• Our Physicians are actively involved in Medical Student and Resident Education through the UPMC St. Margaret Family Practice Residency.

• All of our physicians have a broad range of expertise, some of our physicians specialize in Sports Medicine, Pediatrics, Adolesence, Geriatrics, Hospice and Palliative Care,and Women’s Health.

• All of our providers are comfortable doing routine gynecological exams (also known as pap smears), contraceptive counseling and prescriptions. Some of our physicians can even perform implantable contraception. None of our practitioners currently deliver babies.

• Blood draws (phlebotomy), EKG’s, urine testing, breathing testing and treatments, as well as emergent in office medications are routinely performed at each office.

• Several physicians provide home visits for home-bound individuals.

• Patients may elect to join MyUPMC free of charge for online access to their medical chart, test results, secure medical advice and more. Click here for more information on MyUPMC.


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Doctors Serving Patients of All Ages

Extensive Dermatology Treatments
• Accutane Prescriptions
• Cheloid Treatments
• Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen treatments)
• Incision and Drainage of Small Abcess
• Ingrown Toenail
• Lipoma Removal
• Mole Removal
• Scar Treatment
• Sebaceous Cyst Removal
• Suturing
• Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Removal
• Varicose Vein Treatments

Multilingual Doctors
• Spanish
• Italian
• Karrada

Nursing Home Rounds
• Concordia Rebecca Residence
• Harmar Village
• Seneca Place Skilled Nursing Facility
• Vincentian
• Willows Oakmont

Skilled Injections
• Ankle
• Carpel Tunnel
• Elbow (Epicondylar)
• Side of Hips
• Hyaluronic, Synvisc, Suppartz, Euflexxa
• Knee
• Mortons Neuroma
• Plantar Fascia
• Shoulder
• Thumb
• Trigger Finger
• Trigger Point

• Colposcopy
• Endometrial Biopsy
• Mirena Placement
• Nexplenon Placement
• Pap Smear/Pelvic Exams
• Paragard Placement

Other Services
• Home visits for qualifying individuals
• Asthma
• Casting/ Splinting of Fractures
• CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Cert
• Obesity/Weight Management
• Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)
• Sports Medicine